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RWB Wealth is one of the best Cardiff financial advisors and offers advice on investments, mortgages, taxation, pension planning, insurance, and corporate money management through our regulated Financial Planning Service.

Our trusted team of Cardiff financial advisors is dedicated to making your money work for you, whatever your financial circumstances or needs.

RWB Wealth is proud to serve Cardiff and Newport as one of the regions’ most positively reviewed Financial Advisors and Financial Planning Associations. You can check our reviews on Google

Ready to secure your family’s financial future?

The importance of financial planning.

Cardiff Financial Advisors

A thorough review of your finances will uncover any pitfalls, such as paying too much tax or excessively spending.  We will also highlight opportunities for medium to long-term investments to grow your wealth over time.

Our financial planning strategies maximize the potential of your hard-earned money, allowing you to enjoy it for everything it can offer; financial security, investment opportunities, and a means to a life well-lived.

We can also help you put protective insurance policies in place to cover any eventuality.

Remember that support is also available at Citizens Advice which can be found at

Need a mortgage broker in Cardiff?

RWB Wealth has helped hundreds of Cardiff’s families and first-time buyers purchase property through our mortgage brokerage service. We are proud to be one of the top-reviewed Cardiff Mortgage Brokers.

Where other Cardiff mortgage advisors have deemed clients ‘too difficult’, RWB Wealth has succeeded in helping them secure a mortgage deal on their dream homes.

We do our very best to assist every client, from those with a straight-forward salary, to the self-employed, previously bankrupt, and those with a poor credit history.

Why not get in touch for free no-strings-attached mortgage advice from our RWB Wealth Cardiff Mortgage Brokers? You could be closer to getting on the property ladder than you think.

The Bank of England set the interest rate, the latest interest rate can be found at The Bank of England Website

Cardiff Financial Advisors

Looking for financial advice on pensions?

Cardiff Financial Advisors

Our pension forecasting service offers clients a realistic view of any shortfall in their current state and private pension. We can then advise clients on how to adjust their finances to provide the standard of retirement they expect.

RWB Wealth also offers tax advice on the implications of flexibly accessing your pension, purchasing an annuity, and the other options available to you.

Getting divorced? We can offer advice on how best to protect your personal pension during divorce proceedings.

Need help investing your savings or building an investment portfolio?

With soaring inflation eroding your hard-earned savings in the bank, it could be time to discuss your money’s earning potential with RWB Wealth. We offer a comprehensive range of tax-friendly investment solutions.

RWB Wealth can help you build a fuss-free personal investment portfolio over several different market sectors, locations, and asset classes. Investments will be based on your circumstances, risk tolerance, and financial objectives.

Whether you’ve invested before, or you’re starting from scratch, RWB Wealth’s investment experts can design a medium to a long-term risk-averse diverse investment plan that’s right for you.

Cardiff Financial Advisors

Cardiff Financial Advisors

Wondering how to avoid inheritance tax?

Cardiff Financial Advisors
RWB Wealth offers up-to-date inheritance tax advice to help you ensure your loved ones are left with the true value of your home and estate.

Act now to reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate by utilizing Business Property Relief and trust planning.

Planning ahead is essential when taking measures to avoid inheritance tax, as some relief is only effective when implemented a certain number of years before death.

RWB Wealth protects both high net worth and average-income clients during the transfer of wealth. In the UK most inheritance tax is paid by the average person, rather than the landed gentry.

Why not get the ball rolling today by booking your free face-to-face consultation with our expert inheritance tax advisors?

Cardiff Financial Advisors

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How much does financial advice cost?

RWB Wealth prides itself on offering 100% fee transparency, with an all-inclusive quote provided ahead of any financial service and zero pressure from our team.

We offer every new client a free consultation with one of our top-rated advisors. Get in touch to book your consultation today and begin your journey to financial freedom.

RWB Wealth has supported thousands of clients in Cardiff and across the UK through all of the financial trials life can throw at us.

We believe that everyone deserves reliable financial advice regardless of their financial situation, so please reach out to discuss your needs.

Do I need a financial advisor?

When securing your future finances it’s essential to consult a regulated financial professional. Making the right money moves now will save you time and money later.

Implementing money-management strategies, optimising tax, and putting measures in place for long-term financial security requires a professional and objective eye. Why not let our trusted team of affordable financial advisors take the pressure off?

We will ensure you are 100% onboard with every financial step we take by communicating with you throughout the process.

RWB Wealth can guide you through those financially daunting moments in life – such as deciding if you can afford private education for your children, paying for a wedding, or financing private care for elderly relatives.

RWB Wealth is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority and operates to the strictest of ethical and performance standards.




RWB Wealth provide mortgage advice in Cardiff and to the rest of the U.K. We provide mortgage advice which is representative of the whole of the market….


Retirement planning can be complicated, but the earlier you start, the more rewarding it can be. A good financial plan can allow you to live the lifestyle of your choice when you retire….


RWB Wealth do not believe in a minimum investment amount, we fully understand that you have to start somewhere. RWB Wealth can provide…..


Protecting yourself is one of the most important parts of financial planning, however, many people often overlook this area….
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The only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes, and unfortunately, Inheritance tax covers both…..
RWB Wealth are a breath of fresh air! They are always available to discuss financial issues, big or small and nothing is too much trouble. Their extensive knowledge provides you with complete comfort knowing that you are receiving the best advice possible. They are down-to-earth, friendly and provide complete reassurance.”

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Director at Enjovia

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