We are here to help you purchase that dream home.

Mortgages can be complicated, we are here to help! We provide whole of market mortgage advice doing the research and securing you the right product for you. We can even help clients who are self employed or who have adverse credit.

Mortgage Advice
Buying a property in the UK can be difficult, problematic and incredibly stressful. It is vital to obtain expert advice and to find a financial adviser who specialises in mortgages. We provide comprehensive mortgage advice for clients around the UK and can advise people in all situations: from people who have the perfect credit score, to people with CCJ’s and missed payments.

Common questions people ask before deciding to buy a house:

Our extensive knowledge collected over the past 15 years can help you with all these enquiries so please contact us for a free initial consultation; we are happy to help.

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Eligibility – You may not consider yourself eligible for a mortgage application or you choose not to apply because of bad credit or CCJ’s.
We can help answer the following questions:

  • Can you get a mortgage on benefits?
  • Mortgages for self employed?
  • What is a good credit score uk?

Types of Mortgages
There are many different types of mortgage so whatever your needs and circumstances we can help find you the perfect mortgage to suit you;
Frequently asked questions from previous clients:

  • Saving for a mortgage – how much am I going to need for my deposit?
  • Gifting money for house deposit – I wish to gift a sum to my children for
    their first deposit, how much can I gift them?
  • Buying a new build – there is a new development being built near me,
    what is involved with new build properties?

In order to answer these questions, we will conduct a comprehensive “fact find” with you so that we can advise you fully as to your best options given your personal circumstances.

First Time Buyer
Buying your first home is possibly the biggest purchase you will ever likely make. It is a huge milestone in anyone’s life and we are here to help you through the journey. We offer clear and straightforward advice to help you understand the purchasing process from beginning to end. We will always make sure that your mortgage is affordable for you and can help with budgeting plans to ensure you can adapt to living in your first home. We will always ensure you get the most appropriate mortgage for your own personal circumstances. Purchasing you first home is a big part of your life, just give us a ring to see if we can help, we do not charge frees up front and offer a no obligation service, therefore if we can’t help it won’t cost you a penny to enquire.

If your current deal is coming to an end on your mortgage, it is very important to seek a new deal, especially in today’s economic climate. Not only will you be paying more to your existing lender if you do nothing, but with all the current uncertainty about the future of the economy, you may be at risk of paying even more should interest rates rise.We can help find the most suitable new deal for you from the whole of the market, and also make sure you receive the appropriate advice to ensure your mortgage remains appropriate for your own personal circumstances. If you don’t remortgage your home at the end of your agreed rate, you will automatically move onto the lenders Standard Variable Rate. which is usually much more expensive. Being proactive about Re-Mortgaging can save serious money over the long term.

Whether you’re a professional landlord or looking to buy your first investment property, we can help find the right deal for you. We can offer various mortgages from standard residential, commercial letting and HMO’s, and we also have many lenders that we can use who have no minimum income requirements. We can also help to ensure that your investment property provides returns in the most tax efficient way for you. Commercial mortgages are available by referral to a master broker only.

Further Advance
If moving home is not for you but you would like to improve or extend your current property, we can help you borrow more from your existing lender. It’s not just home improvements that may lead you need to borrow more against your existing property though. We can also help if you need to borrow more for other reasons, such as to purchase a second property, consolidate unsecured debts to help reduce your outgoings, and many other reasons.

Think carefully before securing debt against your home, your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate buy to let and commercial mortgages.