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RWB Wealth’s top-rated Newport financial advisors are dedicated to finding a money-management strategy for you, no matter your financial situation.

Are you looking for expert money advice on mortgages, taxation, pension planning, investments, insurance, or corporate money management? Our team of Newport financial advisors will create you a custom roadmap to long-term financial security, as part of our regulated Financial Planning Service.

RWB Wealth is proud to be one of Cardiff and Newport’s top-reviewed Financial Advisors and Financial Planning Associations. Reviews can be found on

Remember that support is also available at Citizens Advice which can be found at

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Need free mortgage advice from a Newport

mortgage broker?

The importance of financial planning.

Newport Financial Advisors

RWB Wealth is one of the top-reviewed Mortgage Brokers in Newport. We succeed in helping first-time buyers and clients who’ve previously been rejected to secure a mortgage deal on their dream homes.

We can help clients with all forms of income buy their dream home. This includes those on a steady salary, self-employed, business owners, and those with a poor credit history or bankruptcy.

Our expert Newport Mortgage Brokers are here to help at every stage. So why give us a call today to book your free consultation? RWB Wealth can even help speed up the deposit saving process. Get yourself a mortgage advisor Newport homeowners have rated five stars.

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Need financial advice on pensions?

RWB Wealth’s specialist pension advisors can help you accurately provision for the standard of living you expect in retirement.

Our pension forecast service can give you a realistic view of whether your projected pension pot will allow you to continue to live comfortably.

If your state and private pension plan do fall short, our expert pension advisors can support you in adjusting your finances to provide for the future.

RWB Wealth also offers tax advice on flexibly accessing your pension, purchasing an annuity, and the other options available.

If you’re facing divorce proceedings, RWB Wealth can advise you on how to protect your personal pension.

Newport Financial Advisors

Want to secure your family’s financial future?

Newport Financial Advisors

RWB Wealth will create a money-management and wealth-building roadmap tailored to your family’s finances, personal goals, and risk tolerance.

We can also help you put comprehensive insurance policies in place to cover almost everything life can throw at us. Including life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection.

Our Newport financial advisors will scour your finances for pitfalls, such as paying too much tax or excessively spending. They will also highlight areas with potential for investment and building wealth.

We use long-term financial planning strategies to make sure your hard-earned money is giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our plans help you establish your family’s future financial security, whilst providing the means to live life to the full now.

Want to build an investment portfolio?

Are you considering investing your savings instead of watching them erode in the bank thanks to the soaring rate of inflation?

RWB Wealth offers a comprehensive range of tax-friendly investment solutions to grow your money’s earning potential. Our advice on medium to long-term investment plans is tailored to your personal finance goals and risk tolerance.

RWB Wealth can help you build or diversify a personal investment portfolio that spans several different market sectors, locations, and asset classes.

Newport Financial Advisors

Need to know how to avoid inheritance tax?

Newport Financial Advisors

Do you want to reduce the inheritance tax bill your children or grandchildren will pay on your estate? Wondering if your estate will exceed the inheritance tax threshold?

Plan ahead today to mitigate the inheritance tax burden when you leave your estate. Our inheritance tax advisors will help you utilize Business Property Relief and trust planning.

Some exemptions from inheritance tax rate relief are only effective when implemented a certain number of years before death. So act now to ensure your loved ones are left with the true value of your home and estate.

Give us a call at 02920263360 to book your free consultation with one of our Newport inheritance tax advisors.

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How much will financial advice cost me?

We offer every new client a free consultation with one of our top-rated advisors. After hearing your needs we will provide a quote for the service we recommend.

RWB Wealth prides itself on offering 100% fee transparency for all of our financial services. We will never put pressure on you to use our services.

We’ve helped thousands of clients in Newport, Cardiff, and across the UK take control of their finances. No matter your financial situation or needs, get in touch today to receive the reliable financial advice that you deserve.

Do I really need a financial advisor?

Consulting a regulated financial professional will not only take the pressure off your shoulders but could also save you time and money.

Understanding and implementing money-management strategies requires experience and objective thinking. Why not let our trusted team of affordable financial advisors help?

We can optimize income tax and capital gains for each tax year, and put measures in place for long-term financial security. RWB Wealth can also help you optimize your finances as a soon-to-be or newly married couple.

We’re here to advise you to make financial decisions that fit your income. Such as if you can afford private education for your children, pay for a wedding, or finance private care for elderly relatives.

RWB Wealth is authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority and operates to the strictest of ethical and performance standards.

Our expert advisors will thoroughly communicate the financial processes involved to ensure that you are 100% on board with every step we take.




RWB Wealth provide mortgage advice in Cardiff and to the rest of the U.K. We provide mortgage advice which is representative of the whole of the market….


Retirement planning can be complicated, but the earlier you start, the more rewarding it can be. A good financial plan can allow you to live the lifestyle of your choice when you retire….


RWB Wealth do not believe in a minimum investment amount, we fully understand that you have to start somewhere. RWB Wealth can provide…..


Protecting yourself is one of the most important parts of financial planning, however, many people often overlook this area….
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The only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes, and unfortunately, Inheritance tax covers both…..
RWB Wealth are a breath of fresh air! They are always available to discuss financial issues, big or small and nothing is too much trouble. Their extensive knowledge provides you with complete comfort knowing that you are receiving the best advice possible. They are down-to-earth, friendly and provide complete reassurance.”

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Director at Enjovia

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