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Why choose RWB Wealth over other financial advisory companies?

We've advised businesses that operate around the world (but head quartered in the UK) in raising capital and making investments, ensuring the advice we give is done in the most tax efficient way.

Corporate financial advice

Providing corporate financial advice for businesses big and small.

No matter how successful your business is doing, its future depends on your ability to prepare for the unexpected.
Whether you have many employees or are a self-employed sole trader, we can help ensure you and your business is appropriately protected against the unforeseen. Your business may be highly dependent upon a single person and their loss could cause serious issues to your turnover or ability to trade effectively. We understand how difficult it is to run a business while making time for future financial planning and admin work. Our corporate financial advisors work with you to plan and safeguard your businesses financial future.

Our team of experienced financial advisers offer the following corporate financial services:

• Business Insurance - Protect your key shareholders and key team members.

• Enhance your recruitment proposition through attractive employee benefit packages

• Set up employee bonuses and benefit packages to help you attract and retain the best staff.

• Manage your business / groups pensions taking advantage of tax incentives.

• Corporate Investments - Helping you invest your retained earnings in the most tax efficient way.

• High Net Worth Portfolio management.
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Corporate Insurance for your business

Corporate Business Insurance

Protecting your business. Your key team, their experience, knowledge and understanding of 'how things work' is the core element of your business.

Although it's not nice to think about, what would you do if you lost them to death or illness?

Can they be replaced? How long would it take to bring someone to the same level of performance?
Death of illness of someone from the management team or a key employee can cause huge disruption to a business, including:

Loss of profit, reduction of output, loan recalls, loss of key relationships, loss of tacit knowledge.
Just over 40% of businesses that lose a key member stop trading within the first year (info here).

You can reduce your exposure to these events through keyman, shareholder protection and loan insurance (using a key man policy to be able to cover and liabilities that the company may have).

Keyman insurance will cover the costs of hiring, retraining and cover costs of lost business and knowledge. 

Although key team members can never be replaced, you can give your business the buffer it needs to weather the storm.
Shareholder protection will help cover costs associated with a shareholder death, it can help cover costs if the shareholders next of kin decide to cash the shares. alternatively, it can provide funding to help the existing shareholders purchase back the shares to ensure the directors keep control of the company internally.

Loan insurance can help protect you against outstanding loans in the case of illness or death. This insurance will cover your existing liability, so it doesn't haunt you and your business if you are unable to work.
Group pensions

Group Pension Planning

If you have a large business with several employees, you may need to provide a company pension for them, which we can help with. 

Our corporate finance advisers in the UK can also help ensure your business is taking advantage of any potential tax incentives available to you via certain protection policies.

Under new regulations some employees are now subject to auto enrolment, this has made it compulsory for employers to review eligibility for their workers and if eligible, enrol them into a pension scheme and contribute on their behalf. 

The government has issued minimum contributions for both employees and employers at 5% and 3% respectfully.

Schemes vary in terms, fees, expenses, and investment options, if you need help with enrolment one of our corporate finance advisory team will sort the process. 

Our pension financial advisors search the market for the scheme that most suits your needs. We will factor in tax incentives while ensuring you remain fully compliant.

Capturing and retaining employees is more important than ever, holding on to your good employees will be critical to securing the business long term. 

Employee incentives and bonuses can be the difference in attracting and retaining this top talent. RWB Wealth will help you set up incentive structures, whether its health insurance, group income protection or group critical illness cover. We'll find the incentives that match your businesses needs and keep you competitive.


Corporate Investments

Key to the long term success of your business is knowing where to put your retained earnings, there are a number of options to increasing your balance sheet assets:

1. Invest in property

2. Merger and acquisitions

3. Investment Banks

Whether you've just raised capital and need help with shareholder agreements or you're looking to make long term investments to safeguard your business, RWB corporate finance team can help.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate Employee Benefit packages, shareholder agreements, tax advice, auto enrolment, property investment or private equity
Michael Boliver
Michael Boliver
An absolute pleasure to work with RWB Wealth, the guys were so helpful, really know their stuff, and helped me and my wife out massively, recommending them to all family and friends as a given!
Tom Gates
Tom Gates
The guys at RWB are brilliant, professional and make dealing with my finances stress free and easy. Would recommend to everyone.
AddictingGamez 37
AddictingGamez 37
Chris and Geoff at RWB wealth are nothing short of OUTSTANDING. After trawling through countless mortgage brokers I finally found these amazing guys who found us a mortgage - and by that I mean a mortgage for the unmortgageable (or so I thought)! Chris & Geoff spent hours on our case and their expertise shone through as we navigated a treacherous road towards our mortgage offer. The best thing is though these guys are absolute stars with a human touch and a great sense of humour. They got us on the property ladder and to be honest I’ll be forever in their debt. I would never go anywhere else for our mortgage needs. Absolute stellar service which 5 stars does not fully justify - thanks again guys! Kay and Mark Carter-Phillips
Gareth Evans
Gareth Evans
Cracking couple of lads. They've helped both myself and my clients to no end. Highly recommend!
Magnus the Pink
Magnus the Pink
RWB helped me with my pensions and investments. They streamlined everything for me and made my finances easier to manage. Thank you RWB Wealth!
Ross Merison
Ross Merison
True professionals that have advised on all of my personal and business finances, introduced protection schemes and implemented investment strategies. Always at the other end of the phone to offer ongoing advice and support. Thanks Chris and team.
Alex Raymond
Alex Raymond
Fantastic company with a real personal touch, helped me remortgage my home, set up salary protection and better invest my savings. Would recommend to everyone!
Tracey Cannon
Tracey Cannon
Highly recommend Chris at RWB Wealth. Very knowledgeable and friendly and always at the end of the phone if you need advice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for financial planning.
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
RWB have handled my finances and helped me grow my investment quickly. They have been very approachable, with easy contact with my advisor who has helped create a tailored service around me.
Chris Darlington
Chris Darlington
A very professional company who helped me purchase my first home. A very friendly team. Would highly recommend.

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