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Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.
Pension advice

Is your private pension on track?

For most people, a state pension is not going to be enough to support their standard of living when they come to retire. Even if you have a private or a company pension too, this still may not be enough to provide a suitable standard of living in retirement.

This is why seeking pension advice on your retirement plans is essential, no matter what your age. It is also essential to regularly review your plans to ensure they remain on track for retirement income that will support your planned lifestyle. 

We offer a comprehensive range of financial planning for retirement, and will regularly review your pension plan to ensure it remains on track.

Pension Advice

Trusted financial advice on pensions

As part of our comprehensive pension review process, we provide a pension forecasting service, which can help you to understand the pension income you are likely to need to live to your required standard in retirement. 

This can also highlight whether you have any shortfall in your current provisions.

An important part of our service at RWB Wealth pension financial planning is to run shortfall calculations, which include projections on your state pension and state pension age.  We can then estimate what income you will have available at retirement and what, if any, shortfall you have.

Retirement Age

Reaching retirement and not sure what type of personal pension you need?

With the recent changes in pension rules many people are unsure of what pension option would be most suitable for them at retirement. 

At RWB Wealth we can look at your current circumstances and discuss your long term retirement needs in depth. 

From here we can provide private pension advice tailored to your needs on the most appropriate way to access your pension to access your pension. This could be via purchasing an annuity, or flexibly accessing your pension pot.

Our Pension Financial advisors can help you plan and map out your pensions growth. 

Our expert financial advisers will help you become financial independent for your retirement.

RWB Wealth can also advise on the potential tax implications of each option. Should you choose to access your pension pot flexibly, we can help you manage your pension drawdown year on year in the most appropriate and tax efficient way for your own personal circumstances.

Pensions for CHildren

Children’s Pensions

Children’s pensions can be a very useful tool for financial planning for many reasons. 

Not many people know that children receive tax relief on pension contributions too, and a pension can be set up from birth. Investing in the early years can mean that with years of compounded growth, even paying a small amount into your pension savings in the early years can help lead to a substantial pension pot upon retirement.

This will reduce the need to pay larger amounts into their pension later on in life, in order to meet retirement goals. Many of our clients find this option a good tool for inheritance tax planning too, as they can use their annual gift allowance to pay into their grandchildren’ s pensions! The child may not be able to access the pension until they are in their late 50's. The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
Personal Pensions

Personalised Pension Planning

It is never too early to start contributing towards a pension. In fact, the earlier you start paying into a pension the less you will need to contribute in the future to ensure you have sufficient funds to have a happy retirement.

At RWB Wealth we will look at your salary and together create a plan around your personal circumstances. 

Our financial planning advisors offer a free initial consultation to discuss your pension needs and types of pensions available. We're here to help!

Retirement Planning

Divorce & Retirement Planning

If the unthinkable happens and sadly your family separates it is vital that you obtain financial advice on the impact of your future retirement plans. 

The issue of pensions can become a contentious issue within divorce proceedings, so it is vital that you conduct a full pension review to ascertain and protect your pension(s). 

We can advise you on how best to protect your pension in a divorce, and offer a full pension review service to assist you.

Divorce settlements are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Local Pension Advice

Your Local Pension Advisor

Looking for a pension advisor near you? Our pension and retirement advisors in Cardiff will be happy to help you with personalised pension advice near you. 

Our pension advisors provide financial services to South Wales area and well beyond.

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Michael Boliver
Michael Boliver
An absolute pleasure to work with RWB Wealth, the guys were so helpful, really know their stuff, and helped me and my wife out massively, recommending them to all family and friends as a given!
Tom Gates
Tom Gates
The guys at RWB are brilliant, professional and make dealing with my finances stress free and easy. Would recommend to everyone.
AddictingGamez 37
AddictingGamez 37
Chris and Geoff at RWB wealth are nothing short of OUTSTANDING. After trawling through countless mortgage brokers I finally found these amazing guys who found us a mortgage - and by that I mean a mortgage for the unmortgageable (or so I thought)! Chris & Geoff spent hours on our case and their expertise shone through as we navigated a treacherous road towards our mortgage offer. The best thing is though these guys are absolute stars with a human touch and a great sense of humour. They got us on the property ladder and to be honest I’ll be forever in their debt. I would never go anywhere else for our mortgage needs. Absolute stellar service which 5 stars does not fully justify - thanks again guys! Kay and Mark Carter-Phillips
Gareth Evans
Gareth Evans
Cracking couple of lads. They've helped both myself and my clients to no end. Highly recommend!
Magnus the Pink
Magnus the Pink
RWB helped me with my pensions and investments. They streamlined everything for me and made my finances easier to manage. Thank you RWB Wealth!
Ross Merison
Ross Merison
True professionals that have advised on all of my personal and business finances, introduced protection schemes and implemented investment strategies. Always at the other end of the phone to offer ongoing advice and support. Thanks Chris and team.
Alex Raymond
Alex Raymond
Fantastic company with a real personal touch, helped me remortgage my home, set up salary protection and better invest my savings. Would recommend to everyone!
Tracey Cannon
Tracey Cannon
Highly recommend Chris at RWB Wealth. Very knowledgeable and friendly and always at the end of the phone if you need advice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for financial planning.
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
RWB have handled my finances and helped me grow my investment quickly. They have been very approachable, with easy contact with my advisor who has helped create a tailored service around me.
Chris Darlington
Chris Darlington
A very professional company who helped me purchase my first home. A very friendly team. Would highly recommend.

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